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Why You Need A Realtor On Your Side!

I have some really great reasons to share with you as to why you need a real estate agent on your side when you’re going to buy a house. There are so many great reasons why you want to use an agent when you’re going to buy your house. So, let me share with you a few of the many reasons. The first reason is that it doesn’t cost you anything to hire a real estate agent, because our fees are paid for by the seller of the house that you buy. So, our services, we work for you, the buyer, but you don’t have to pay for the services. What a deal, huh?

Another reason is we work for you and have what we call fiduciary duty, to take care of you, to provide you with confidential information that we find out through the different resources that we have as agents. And it is a really valuable resource because we are working for you. Then another reason is our expertise. We know all about cities. We know specifics about neighborhoods. We know specifics about the schools in the area. We know data and information about the city, the tax codes and the tax rates, and how the school boundary lines are drawn. And those are all valuable benefits to using an agent that you wouldn’t necessarily know, but we do because we’ve been working in our area. I’ve been working for 10 years in real estate, so I have learned a lot in 10 years.

Another reason is that we have vendors and referrals that we can help you with. If you need a mortgage lender, we’ve got plenty of mortgage lenders that we work with. If you need a handyman, we’ve got those. If when you buy a house, you’re going to need an inspection, we’ve got inspectors that we work with on a regular basis that we know to do a really great job. We’ve got home insurance companies that we, again, refer because we know they do a really great job. Appraisers, title company, we have all of these resources because this is the industry that we work in. So, we can help you provide to you, good referrals and good resources for the services that you’re going to need as you go through the buying process.

One thing that I tell all my clients, I am not afraid to point out faults in a house. As we’re walking through houses and I see something that is a red flag to me, and my buyer doesn’t see it, I’m going to point those things out. Because I don’t want my buyer to find out after the fact something I saw that I didn’t point out. So, I’m not afraid to point out faults in a house, in a neighborhood, in an area. I am not afraid to tell my clients to walk away. I am not so interested in a sale, as I am my clients getting the best house for their situation, for their family, for their future. That’s the most important thing to me.

So, I’m not afraid. And I have told several of my clients in the past, walk away from this house because I think there are going to be problems. I think there’s going to be maintenance issues. I think there’s going to be things that you might not see, but I just have a feeling that this is not going to be the best house for you. My negotiation skills are also very valuable because again, I’ve been doing this for 10 years. I’ve learned over the years how to negotiate the offer price, the sales price, the repairs that need to be done, all of these things that are part of the contract. I know how to write a contract to represent my buyer in the very best light, but also to get them the very best situation.

These are all things wrapped up together that make it so worthwhile to hire an agent and have an agent represent you. We are a valuable resource when purchasing one of the biggest ticket items that you’re probably going to make in your life.

Don’t forget I am here for you!