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What I’ve Learned In TEN YEARS as a Realtor

Wow. It’s been 10 years that I have been in real estate, and I have learned so many things, and I wanted to share a few of those things with you today.

I started my real estate career 10 years ago. And when you start out, you don’t have a clue about what it’s really all about. So here are some things that I’ve learned over the last 10 years.

The first and probably most important thing that I learned was that I have met some of the most amazing and wonderful people throughout my career. It has been just a joy to work with so many clients. I found something that I didn’t realize was going to happen was that these clients have become my friends and it has enriched my life in so many ways. Another thing is that no two days are alike. You never know what your day is going to be like. You never know what’s going to come up. It is always changing and always different, and every day is a different story.

One thing that you have to be is ready and spontaneous because again, you never know what your day is going to hold. You never know who’s going to call you, who’s going to need this, that or the other or what problem might arise that you need to resolve. It is always an ever-changing day and you need to be ready for it.

One thing I learned that buyers can change their wants and must-haves in the course of the home buying process. I’ll meet with a buyer and they say, “Okay, I have to have this, and I’ve got to be in this location, and it’s got to be this. All these things have got to be part of my home.” More than likely, it ends up being so different. The end result of what they end up buying ends up being so different than what they actually said they had to have. So I think that was just a really interesting point.

There are ups and downs in real estate. I mean, one day it can be great and everything’s going along really well, and the next day it can be really, really frustrating and things go crazy. But it’s always challenging and it’s always fun. Another point is that it’s always complicated. I had no idea how complicated a real estate transaction can be. There are so many pieces, parts, and people that come into play. And it’s just extremely complicated, and it really helps to have a good agent with years of experience on your side. That is for sure.

But I will tell you that it is the most rewarding career. And I am so thankful that I started 10 years ago, and I look forward to many more years because, like I said, it has enriched my life. And I love what I do, I’m passionate about what I do. I love helping buyers, I love helping sellers, and I just love what I do. So the last 10 years have been great. Looking forward to a wonderful next 10 years.