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Why You Need A Realtor On Your Side!

I have some really great reasons to share with you as to why you need a real estate agent on your side when you're going to buy a house. There are so many great reasons why you want to use an agent when you're going to buy your house. So, let m...

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Renting vs Buying-Pros and Cons To Both

Have you been thinking about, "Should I buy or should I keep renting? What's the decision I need to make?" I want to share the pros and cons of renting versus buying. A lot of times people will have the question, "Should I rent or should I b...

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Home Inspection-What To Expect

Have you ever wondered what is an inspection? Why do I need one and is it really necessary? Keep reading, I'm going to give you some good information about that. Let's talk about an inspection. So you've decided to buy a house, you found one...

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Secret Mortgage Tip Blog

Have I got a great buyer's tip for you. This one may seal the deal for you. Here it is. If you are getting ready to start looking at houses and you're going to purchase your house sometime this year. There is something you can do to make you...

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What I’ve Learned In TEN YEARS as a Realtor

Wow. It's been 10 years that I have been in real estate, and I have learned so many things, and I wanted to share a few of those things with you today. I started my real estate career 10 years ago. And when you start out, you don't have a cl...

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What goes and what stays with the sale of a house? I'm going to go into detail about that in this blog post. Let’s talk today about something that there's a lot of confusion about. What stays in a house and what goes with the seller when t...

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